Industrial Skyline's music is primitive. Primitive as in steam engines, Spinning Jenny, it's been this way since the Industrial Revolution, and before that there was the Call of the Wild, and ever since the Dawn of Man we've wanted to Control Nature.

But these days, people seem to be thinking that Society is a Natural Right. While you're lying in your bed, fast asleep, and it's night and you're well fed and fully insured, there is a creature, no machine, out there waiting at the edge of town.

We formed the band in Shanghai. Back in Sweden we recorded one song that was picked up by American label Kill Rock Stars. We recorded a few new songs but never released them.

Everything went silent. Life went on. Until summer 2009 when Mattias Alkberg (The Bear Quartet) chosed to include one of the bands demo tracks on his list over the best songs from the decade. Industrial Skyline decided to release the old recordings. The result is the Shanghai EP (2010).

More info and music at our web page.